Saturday, March 31, 2007

Ode to the Question

Would there ever exist an answer without a question or a question without an answer? Or is a question called a question only because it merits the presence of an answer? And is an answer called an answer only because it merits the presence of a question? Could there ever be a question that could stand-alone all by itself without inviting an answer? Could an answer ever exist without the intruding parentage of a question?

Why do we feel this obsessive compulsion to question everything around us? Is it human? Or,as with everything else in this world, just an excuse we've created to accommodate our indulgence?
And what is this (in??)human tendency to kill every question we give birth to by seeking out an answer? And why do we always expect a single answer to be born out of a question? As if everything has a purpose - a question is there to give birth to an answer and itself die in the process?

Is the answer the fulfillment of the destiny of the question? And the only one at that?

I seek to answer only in questions.Not because I can't but because I hate to end something so beautiful in itself as to engender a genesis.

I seek to question the answer.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Strange are the ways of strangers..

You never knew me.. But I never knew you either. Does that make us strangers?
No, it doesn't. And yes, it does.

I have a habit of giving multiple answers to questions. Get used to it.