Monday, November 9, 2015

The blue stretches on.

[For Natalia Molchanova]

The blue stretches on
like air, only heavier.

The blue stretches on
like language, the soul's anchorage.

The blue stretches on
like home, a vast starless womb.

The blue stretches on
in silence, bellowing through the veins.

The blue stretches on
into the awakening, pearly bubbles ascending

into the beyond.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cergy Pontoise

A March evening.
Sunlight uncoils in the horizon,
darkness delicately devouring the day's wall of light.

Leaps of blue by the riverside
green tree tops, foamy white clouds
brown contemplative earth
and an enormous silence

pierced by a distant seagull's cry
as if from memory,
from a different evening, a different time.

One of those moments
life accumulates
like the bellows of an accordion
and the music rises up in your throat
like an ancestral song.

Others have dreamt this before you.
You are but a page
in a library of infinite pages.