Thursday, February 18, 2010


How elegantly life lives on,
Escaping lines, listening outside harmonies,
Lingering like oblivion, humbling everythings,
Learning on habit, enduring luck,
Orbiting heartfelt edges, loving love.

Monday, February 1, 2010

A tale of three balloons

Tiny hands grasping a thin, wrapped up memory
Unwritten words whispering to a turquoise childhood.

Squared stairways, lonely tables
Breaking habits, rolling tongues
Grins bridging hill stations and valleys
A glowing filament entombed in shapely glass
Green billboards in a directionless maze
Clicks for a canvas, alphabet on gravel
Colours on glass, half-baked words in neon

Diaries for dreams, footsteps slithering up walls
Fishy somethings, kids playing truant at work
Headlights snaking through a canopied darkness
Starry shapes by a fog-kissed lake
Russian farewells, Spanish boxes
A bubbly red heart peeping out from behind a dark wall
Blind ends and brown bags, envelopes with names
Passengers in a collective dream.

Silence painted into a rocky hillock,
floating silhouettes scribbling shapes on a perfect moon,
blue hearts escaping into the endlessness of memory.

[2:13 am | 31st January, 2010]