Wednesday, May 28, 2008


I speak with the strength of all that is weak
All of those that live in life’s shadows
Never standing up for what they seek
Fearing the light, stifling all that grows

Those that wither away, trying to belong
Vainly denying that the world’s not for the tame
Forgetting life’s laws are written only for the strong
Not for the faint voices that ramble without an aim

If only life knew the powerful from the powerless
And took it upon itself to set the balance straight
Perhaps then a tirade wouldn’t be worth the stress
And spare the wordless from the fangs of fate

I hate the strong no more than I love the frail
But I side with the weak for all that has rendered me sore
Nor do I speak of it as an excuse to fail
For, being weak is a weakness, nothing more.

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