Friday, September 26, 2008


What if love had a heart? Would it know pleasure from pain?
What if words had a voice? Would they still speak so much?
What if time had an age? Would it learn how it felt to be human?
What if dreams needed sleep? Would they wake up to reality?
What if the smile had a face? Would it always look so beautiful?
What if darkness was blind? Would it be able to find itself?
What if tears had eyes? Would they be able to see their pain?
What if pain had a mind? Would it learn to cure itself?
What if a loss knew how to win? Would it someday be able to win?
What if death had a life of its own? Would it make it any easier to die?
What if every answer had a question? Would it answer itself?

What if black was white and white was black?
Would it be any different?
What if I were you and you were me?
Would we still be the same?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

"What if dreams needed sleep? Would they wake up to reality?"

By far the best line...